With great enthusiasm, Sublime Studio presents the exclusive animation produced in partnership with EBANX, one of the official sponsors of the Curitiba Theater Festival.
Created by the talented team at Sublime Studio, this animation was designed to enchant and captivate audiences, both on social media and on the event screens. With an engaging narrative and visually stunning imagery, the animation is a celebration of creativity and art, reflecting the vibrant essence of the Curitiba Theater Festival.
We extend our gratitude to the wonderful Marketing team at EBANX for entrusting us with this important mission! Get ready to be surprised and moved by the magic of this unique animation. Join us on this extraordinary journey and immerse yourself in the beauty of theater and art.
Client: EBANX
Prodution: Sublime Studio
Directed by: Jeferson Moreira
Screenplay by: Jeferson Moreira
Art Direction: Jeferson Moreira
Assistant Art Director: Kedna Mendes
Animation:  Jeferson Moreira, Saulo de Castro
Compositing: Jeferson Moreira
Audio: Mateus Gageiro
Letícia Mulinari: Designer
Patricia Fagundes: Marketing Coordinator
Camila Angie Schmalz: Marketing Manager
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