We faced the challenge of creating Advantech's manifesto animation, the world's largest IoT company. With a wide range of solutions and a presence in various market sectors, Advantech works in producing hardware and software to make the planet smarter, contributing to global sustainability and business success.
Client: Advantech Brasil
Agency: Onlime Comunicação
Prodution: Sublime Studio
Directed by: Jeferson Moreira
Screenplay by: Jeferson Moreira
Art Direction: Jeferson Moreira
Voiceover Script: Onlime Comunicação
Illustration: PH Freitas, Denny Fischer
Animation: Saulo de Castro, Jeferson Moreira
3D: Saulo de Castro
Compositing: Jeferson Moreira, Saulo de Castro
Audio: Mateus Gageiro
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